"Flight Unlimited" Tools

Posted by Gideon Pertzov

"Flight Unlimited III" (FU3) is a flight simulator developed by "Looking Glass Studios".
(The same company that brought us SystemShock and the Thief series)

I've created several utilities which are used by the FU3 community
To modify the FU3 resource files and for creating new aircraft.

Also featured in "Computer Pilot Magazine" (Vol 6. Issue 1)

Magazine Cover


ResViewer lets you view and modify the resources of Flight Unlimited III
This includes: Aircraft textures, 3D models, panels, cockpit art, sounds, menus, maps, flight dynamics and more...
Written in C++/MFC, uses OpenGL for displaying 3D aircraft models and Windows GDI for 2D graphics.

Cockpit Designer

Cockpit Designer lets you edit and create new panels, design new cockpit views and modify existing ones.
Written in C++/MFC, uses Windows GDI for the 2D graphics.

Model View

Viewer/Converter for FU3 3D models. supports both aircraft and scenery (FLED) models.
Converts FU3 models to trueSpace .cob format.
Written in C++/MFC, uses OpenGL for the 3D graphics.