CarND - Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) Car Physics

Posted by Gideon Pertzov

CarND is a "virtual playground" for developing car physics with ODE.
It utilizes the default ODE "drawstuff" library for visualization.
The physics code is "work-in-progress" but is identical to the current NeuroDriver 2 physics code.

CarND inlcudes Win32 binaries, full C++ source code and an MSVC6 project.

Download CarND (1.5 MB)


  • W - Accelerate
  • S - Brake
  • A - Steer left
  • D - Steer right
  • Q - Forward gear
  • Z - Reverse gear
  • SPACE - Hand-brake
  • C - Toggle camera mode
  • ESC - Reset car to initial position